I am not a Christian. I do not believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world. I don't believe in anything. Most people call me an Athiest. I believe that the universe began with a Big Bang. I believe that man was eventually a by-product of evolution. I also believe that God was a figure created by man to give them someone to blame their problems on. So why should I believe in Jesus? What made someone who died 2000 years ago so special?


This page is so people can learn to defend their faith as a Christian. Every once in a while, we will try to interview a college professor or someone else and get as much information as we can on any religion outside of Christianity or anything that has been misinterpreted about the Bible. Then we will try to put it in blunt terms and defend it anyway we know how to. Your job will be to defend your faith any way that you know how to and try to lead us to the cross. Feel free to use scripture as a back-up,  even prayer is welcome here. Keep in mind that none of what is said reflects how we live nor does it reflect our beliefs in any way.



    We are followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, we are a Christians.


    February 2009

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