Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Mickey Donald--- bones are deteriorating from cancer and medication is hurting his kidneys

Jim and Sue McKee--- Jim had a light heart attack and is back home now; Sue has hip problems, but is getting some pain relief

Peggy Bramlett--- has been having pains lately, but is being treated with Cortisone

Doug Evans--- cancer scans are indicating that tumors have come back and are bigger than before

Waymon Moore--- several serious health issues which could lead to death

Kathy Wilson--- cancer

Wendell Alewine--- has kidney and other medical problems; is on dialysis

Angie Barnes--- cancer, is having chemo and radiation treatments

Helen Jefferson--- cancer recurrence, is restarting chemo

Sarah Williams--- going thru a series of tests due to health problems

Ammer Crook--- having health issues

Kayla Reeves--- shot several times at Hardees

Phil Gunter--- tumor removed was malignant, but it is ALL gone now; no further treatments are required

Tonja Davis--- in a lot of pain, went to the doctor April 13th for cyst on her kidney, but is back in the hospital May 13th for her bladder

James Moore--- health-related asbestos concern

Robert Gibson--- problem with double-vision

David Brock--- lung cancer; low blood pressure, not eating or drinking enough

A young girl from Pendleton High--- is missing, pray for her and her family and authorities trying to locate her

Wilma Wall--- had a reaction to heart medication April 16th, which cause her oxygen and blood pressure to drop; saw a cardiologist April 27th to see if she qualifies for a procedure which should correct the problem

Jeremy Reed--- needs a job

April Dixon--- needs a job

Haven of Rest ministry to others and homeless

Len Reed--- still under the care of doctors; on-going tests and procedures from time to  time

Rick Allen--- will begin chemo treatments soon

Timmy Pellum--- has prostate cancer

David Holloway--- had spots discovered on his rib and vertebrae which is related to his prostate cancer

Phil Greenway--- is in the hospital

Julie Parker--- is having problems with her eyes and is in the mission field

A young girl--- fell in the bathtub and hit her head; had  surgery and at this time is doing well

Tim James--- health concern; doctors having difficulty finding the source of his pain

Sammy Seagler and his wife

John Johnson--- is in Iraq, pray for peace and safety

Joe Gunter--- problem due to rapid heart rate

Rev. Sammy Hood--- pray as he preaches and ministers to Jewish people in Israel

Andy Bell--- still in a lot of pain from a broken foot; is going to the doctor May 18th

Darwin Rood--- has acute Leukemia

Jay Bell--- new business venture

Nick Brown--- has left the Haven of Rest

Connice Kirby--- low blood pressure; is in AAMC

Charlie Dean Hill

Buddy Butler--- unspoken

Chris Emory Farmer

A young man--- has schizophrenia

Family of Willard Norris--- passes away this past week (May 24, 2009)

Sean's Dad--- undergoing chemo therapy for Leukemia

Viccki--- She feels far from God and wants to be back where she belongs. She suffers from emotional abuse, self-injury, and eating disorder. Pray that God will send her someone she can trust and confide in.

Garet--- He is having family problems and asks for peace. Pray for God's Love to bless them.

Elayne--- She is on a lot of different medications and often in discomfort from side effects. Pray for strength and encouragement.

Dan--- has been in the hospital a lot here lately. Pray that God would bring healing and blessings in his life.

Beth--- is getting married soon. Pray that God would bless their marriage and that it would hold in a world where it seems alright to let it fade.

Sandy--- She seeks a stronger relationship with God. Thank God for revealing Himself to her and pray that she would seek Him, wholeheartedly.

Lisa's Friend--- Has full-blown renal failure and needs timing of a kidney transplant, also has blood clotting and is still having dialysis issues. Pray for comfort and guidance. Has another friend that has been sick for as long as she can remember and doesn't seem to be getter any better. Pray that God would reach down His healing hand and touch her life.

Maya--- Seeks to know the Lord better and suffered from self-injury. Is seeking help. Pray that doctors, friends, and family can help her.

Anonymous--- Friend has Hotchkin's cancer. Pray for comfort for family and friends.

Gabe--- He lives a troubled life. Pray for comfort and for God to lead him.

Robbie--- pray that God would bless him with  a job.

Christi--- She wants to have a child. Pray for God's would bless her and her husband, Mark, with a child.

School--- Pray for the students all around the world. For hard work and diligence, and for lights to shine for God on every campus, and on every playground.

Lacey--- Keep her in your prayers.

AK--- A friend that needs God. Pray for God to work in their heart.

Lexa--- Asks that you pray for healing for all the sick.

Carole--- She is struggling with reoccurring sin. Pray for strength to overcome temptation and for the Lord to protect her.

Claire--- She is going through hard times. Pray for God's guidance and comfort.

Sam--- Pray for him in his workplace where he ministers to Muslim coworkers, especially. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide his conversation and for him to live out his faith.

Mark--- He is currently trying to get a business running. Pray for God to guide him and grant him knowledge and wisdom. Also, pray for him as he begins his ministry in Jesus' name and that God would see him through any problems he may have.

Joey--- He is a veteran of the Gulf War, and is suffering from after-effects. He has been undergoing tests and MRIs; doctors believe he may have MS or Lyme disease. Pray for discernment from the doctors and for comfort and peace for Joey.

Sue--- She is undergoing therapy after her knee surgery. Pray for continued healing and little pain.

The Church

Matt--- Pray for discernment for God's Will in his life, especially pertaining to his future career(s).

Grace--- Pray for her friends, that Christ will reveal Himself to them and that He may use her for His good works.

Chris--- is attending a new church. Pray that God would make Himself known through it and that it's ministry would be blessed.

Sandye--- She suffers from spells of sickness. Pray for healing.

Lyle--- He asks for prayer for the people of Cuba who are suffering from Fidel Castro's dictatorship.

North American financial struggle

Steve--- His wife is pregnant! Pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Robbie--- His sister is pregnant! Pray for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

Shaun--- His father was recently let out of the hospital, but continues to bleed from a kidney. Pray for continued healing and discernment from doctors.

Anonymous--- She has been pregnant for several months. Pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl. Also pray for her OCD problems.

John--- He's been having a rough time after having his teeth pulled out. Pray for healing, comfort and patience.

Linda--- Pray that God would speak to her and bless her.

Anthony--- Pray that God would speak to him and bless him.

Brad--- He has been having back problems lately. Pray for healing and comfort.

Yanet--- She wants to begin a Christian film studio. Pray for financial assistance and for God to touch their ministry.

Summer Missions

Anonymous--- A lady at his church is at the top of the list for a kidney transplant. Pray that God would provide and bring healing.

Anonymous--- A man at his church is "falling fast". Pray that God would protect and heal this man.

Anonymous--- Her husband is suffering from Grand Mal seizure and her husband's "sitter's" husband is in Intensive Care. Pray that God would bring healing and peace to these families. Also, her granddaughter has just had her appendix removed. Pray for healing for her also.

Anonymous--- A guy is going into physical therapy after breaking his leg. Pray for continued healing and comfort.


Grey--- He has Viral Meningitis and has been having seizures and brain surgery. Pray that God would be with the doctors in this situation and that He would bring healing and comfort to Grey and everyone around them.

Beth--- asks for prayer for her husband who has been out of a job since last November. Pray that God would bless him with a job and pray for strength and peace as he searches for one.

Jon--- is helping to start a new youth program at his church and asks for prayer. Pray that God would bless their ministry and bring a large crowd of youth in who are eager to learn about the Lord.

Mae--- has percutaneous discecpony and had an epidural for the pain. Pray for healing and comfort in her and her family's life.

Randy--- is on oxygen

Angie--- has cancer. Pray for healing and comfort for her in her time of need.

Summer Camps

On-going Missions

Karen Pockey Vogler--- is out of her coma and is up and walking around and is on the road to recovery

Jimmy Griffin--- can sit up again and is about to start walking again

Aislyn Tracy Smith--- born May 15th, weighed 6 lbs, 6 oz.

Family of Gloria Chapman

Jon--- is having relationship problems and doesn’t think it will last much longer; doesn’t think he can go thru another separation

Amanda--- is having problems with friends asking her for advice; she wants to help them out, but she has problems she has to deal with and can’t because everyone continues to ask her for help. Pray that God would be with those people who are having problems and show them how to deal with them and that God would be with Amanda and help her in solving these dilemmas

Larry--- is having multiple health issues; pray that God would bring healing and comfort to him

Betty--- her husband is having serious health issues and it is putting a lot of stress on her. Pray that God would bring healing and peace to her and her husband

Students participating in the 40 Day Revolution--- a 40 day devotional/challenge to change the lives of students and their schoolmates and lead them all to God

Vacation Bible Schools

Deborah Mesh--- has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatment this week (May 24)

Frances Hill--- doctor’s visit June 4th

Family of Margaret Gray--- passed away this past week (May 24, 2009)

SA’an Hooper--- pulmonary disease

Linda Merritt--- awaiting liver transplant

Annie McClellan--- colon cancer

Randolph Wilson--- prostate cancer

Karen Stamps--- mother of four, has cancer

Ken Dowdy--- cirrhosis of the liver

Darnelle Jordan--- spiritual need and has cancer

Judo Joyce Truong--- 23 month old child with cancer in the abdomen

Chris Henderson--- colon cancer; undergoing chemo treatments, prognosis is not good

Buzz Tatum--- bone cancer

Bryan Thompson’s 3-year old daughter--- breathing problem

Amy Bruce--- has a large tumor on her brain and has severe lung cancer

Wesley Wilson--- cancer has spread to his liver, but has been saved!

Doris Carter--- cancer

Jonathan Bryant--- 2 ½ year old diagnosed with CVM (a cluster of blood vessels formed in his brain)

Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix--- Mrs. Hendrix has Alzheimer’s

Mike Poore--- bad back problems

John Anderson--- back problems

Cindy Allison--- cancer

Phil Dixon--- many health problems

Darrel Cole--- recurrence of cancer

Mae Harris--- back pain

Cyndee O’Neal--- biopsy revealed cancer; surgery to be scheduled

Martha Thrasher--- breast cancer; had surgery

Thomas Whitmore--- recovering at home from bypass surgery

Beverly Rink--- cancer

Roger Todd--- health issues

Mary Jones--- inoperable liver cancer

Jewell Hudson--- very weak

Myra Dawson--- cancer

Don Hawkins---doing well at home after foot amputation March 9th; they hope to have him up and walking sometime in May

Dean Webb--- pastor of Cedar Grove Baptist church; has terminal cancer

Joey Westberry--- diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Skip--- his friend's cousin was hit by a car a few nights ago and they're unsure if he will make it

FUGE--- all the CentriFuge camps (and other Christian camps around the world) that are trying to spread the message of our Lord and Savior around the world

Matthew 6: 9-13 NKJV

     Our Father in heaven,
          Hallowed be Your name.
       Your kingdom come.
   Your will be done
           on earth as it is in heaven.
     Give us this day our daily bread.
  And forgive us our debts,
         as we forgive our debtors.
 And do not lead us into
      But deliver us from the evil one.
  For Yours is the kingdom
     and the power and the glory















 Do not be anxious about anything,
     but in everything,
         by prayer and petition,
                     with thanksgiving,
   present your requests to God.
       And the peace of God,
                         which transcends
           all understanding,
      will guard your hearts
                      and your minds
               in Christ Jesus.

       Philippians 4:6-7






















































Conviction Notice, a website where anyone can come and leave prayer requests.