We're still praying for eveyone! Please tell us if your prayers have been answered! We would love to share it with the world!


Chris--- Praise God! She has been forgiven by her brother and they are talking again

Zach--- During WinterJam, his mom and brother accepted Christ in their hearts and renewed their dedication to Him!

Sandy--- She has begun to take essential steps in her walk with the Lord. Thank God that she is beginning to see who He wants her to be!

Chris' family--- Since his uncle died, his family has been served well and are doing well. Continue to pray for them as they continue walking with God through this time of mourning.

Amanda--- Things have mended wonderfully with her mom and God has given her the opportunity to work at a golf course as a Banquet Server this summer!  Praise Him!


Andi's Family--- With Andi's grandpa in a better place, her family has been at peace. Thank you for the prayers!

Keren Pokey Vogler---She is out of a coma and is walking on her way to recovery

Jimmy Griffin--- he can sit up and is in a wheelchair

Skip--- doctors are planning to take his friend's cousin off the respirator, but his status is still unknown

Conviction Notice, a website where anyone can come and leave prayer requests.