Hey again everyone! Here, we would like everyone to put their testimonies.  It is so awesome to see how God works in people's lives. Thanks for everything!



02/27/2009 07:26

Great site Zach keep up the good work in presenting the Gospel and the power of God answered prayer going out through this form of tech. ? was the person on the argue site that said they were an atheist for real or just your site's example??? If real I would be happy to respond and perhaps set up a dialogue w/them!

Christi (zydeco2)
03/25/2009 12:25

Thank you Zach for making this site. God bless you.

04/14/2009 14:28

Here is a little thing God let me know about faith. Hope you understand it.

I cannot see the wind but I know it's there, because I can see it moving the trees. Just like I cannot see God but I know He is there because I can feel Him moving me. Isn't that awesome :)

07/04/2012 18:24

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07/04/2012 18:24

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