Hey everyone, here you can leave any prayer request. You don't have to, but we do ask that you leave us with an email address so that we can check on requests. We love praying for people (that's the whole reason we created this site!)! It is such a privlege to talk to God and let Him know what's going on in our lives and to know that He is hard at work in us and using us for His glory... ITS AMAZING!

By the way, for more personal prayer requests that you don't want to see posted on CN, you can email me (Zach) personally at either or at my more personal email account, Can't wait to pray for you by name (: God bless you all!



02/09/2009 05:09

I have a silent prayer request. please pray for me, sarah, and my mom, sue.

also I have a lot of stomach pain and the doctors cannot find what the problem is. pleas pray for my scop on february 25th. thank you and God bless

02/11/2009 17:54

Pray for the liberation of Cuba from tyrannous communist dictatorship started bt Fidel Castro.

02/11/2009 19:43

sandy--- going thru spells of sickness
missions worldwide

02/12/2009 03:06

Recovering from Surgery.

02/12/2009 19:48

John having all his teeth pulled for dentures. Anthony to be blessed by Winter Jam tomorrow night and Zach to be blessed and to do good at NGU.

02/12/2009 22:06

I'm having a tough time. I just recently met 3 out of 4 half siblings I just found out about. After meeting them I want a relationship with them but they seem to not call back or anything to show they care. Also I am scared that I will loose my home and vehicles soon if something drastic doesn't happen.

02/16/2009 19:16

John is having a rough time. His mouth is hurting really bad. Also for Anthony and Zachary. May they both be blessed.

02/17/2009 10:16

That I can kill all that holds me to sin. That all desires to disobey God and not accept his will will perish. I can be reborn into what God desires me to be. That I will know how to live as the one he created me to be. That all I have hurt will forgive me. That I and the Lord will live with one heart.

02/19/2009 11:25

Please pray for him, he is under alot of pressure, his dad is in the hospital and he has alot to do here in the school. He seems really frustrated and on his braking point.

Billy and Maya
02/24/2009 14:54

Hey, Billy has cancer and he is close 2 my heart, he reminds me of my pawpaw, and I dont know what I am going 2 do without him, yes he will be in a better place but he is so dear. I want to pray for Maya (me), I am currently causing harm to my body in multiple ways and am trying to fix it all, but it seems I am taking 2 steps forward and 4 steps back

02/28/2009 06:48

Please pray for all the students from NGU and all around that are going to be going on spring break in the very near future.

03/02/2009 15:51

Please pray for Grey. He has viral meningitis. He has had seizers and brain surgury.

03/03/2009 11:43

Pray for my husband to get a job soon. He has been out of work since November. Pray for peace and strength for us both.

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